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Welcome to the community wiki of the ELDEN RING Reforged mod!

A community-driven effort to catalogue the changes made by the ERR mod.

ELDEN RING™ Reforged (ERR) is a mod by Kirnifr and ivi, with assistance from Poeconcept, Hanalove and Cavou. ERR is a thorough revision of ELDEN RING™'s balance and mechanics. The mod covers enemies, boss fights, hitboxes, animations, equipment, the camera, and more. Main features include unique camera parameters for boss fights, improved enemy hitboxes, reworked scaling and leveling, a new Runeforging system to encourage open world exploration and make NG+ more rewarding, changed gameplay mechanics that fix many of the vanilla game's issues, new Spells and Weapons, and more!

The mod can be found here. Visit the Discord to discuss builds, team up together for co-op play, report bugs/receive technical support, and suggest feedback for the mod.

Note: Using other mods alongside ERR is generally a bad idea - aside from specific, non-content mods like Seamless Co-op - and you are unlikely to get support for these.

Contributions to the wiki are always welcome. Please add anything you find missing. For a broad list of in demand tasks, please visit the Tasks page.

It is highly advised to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. It is spoiler-free, covers most common issues people encounter, and covers some fundamental differences between ERR and Vanilla (unmodded) ELDEN RING™.

THIS WIKI CONTAINS UNMARKED SPOILERS. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please avoid using it unless you really need to!

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